Durashock boots with blue and black rubber sole breaks apart way before $150 boots should. After a month or so i noticed chunks missing in the rubber between the blue and black, they aren't joined well.

So if you work where there are rocks you might step on, hard metal surfaces like construction equipment or any other uneven hard surface chunks break off. Then cracks began forming in the blue sole, after 6 months the cracks are so deep water seeps through the sole. The leather is in great shape, they are comfortable unfortunately the sole is of extremely inferior quality. I've never had work boots where the sole wore out before the leather or seams.

I haven't even had to replace any laces. I purchased on January 29th at sears and have since worked about 1100 hours.

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My wolverine boots fell apart. Now I am left with a $120 pair of shoe laces.


Wolverine products are crap!Don't waste your money!


Two pair of wolverines over the years. Both acted like a chemical meltdown.

The soles just starts dissolving while I was cutting down a tree on my lawn.

No more Wolverines !!!!


I also had a pair that the soles were falling off. They were in my closet for several years and I just purchased some shoe glue.

When I touched the soul, a piece of it broke off in my hand. As I bent the rest of the soul back, the whole piece broke off.

I bought this second pair of the same model shoe because my first pair lasted a long time. There is definitely an issue with the soul materials.


I've had my second pair of steel toe boots with durashock fall apart in the last few years. Avoid durashock soles.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1105079

did you try to return them?

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