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Bought these boots maybe a year or so ago. Wore once in Dec 2014 to plow snow on tractor.

Noticed black powder on floor, thought it was dirt. Today wore them with some black powder on floor, went to work, left heal totally split in half while driving in. Complete sole turned to powder as if rotten or dry rotted and these boots look brand new but without heals and soles. My floors at work are full of black powder, my floor board carpet in car is full of black powder and chunks of sole and heal from shoes.

Had Caterpillar boots before and the heal pealed back and needs to be glued. I really liked both boots but thought either a cheap Chinese production or really poor QA/QC by Wolverine. If this is their quality and no one gets satisfaction, then never again. I'm calling the recall line tomorrow to see if a boot without a mile of walking should disintegrate like these boots did is really customer service or customer disservice.

I'm going to advertise this lack of quality all over the internet and maybe the Wolverine folks will start to listen to their frustrated customers. My co-workers and guests were able to leave our new buildings by following my trail of black powder from the disintegrating soles throughout two or three buildings and while this was good for them, I was listing 45 degrees throughout most of the day and the soles completely failed after only two wearings. What in the world is this world coming to when you can't use a pair of boots more than twice???? Please Wolverine executives, stand behind, in front of or by your products and refund or replace these poor quality and poorly crafted boot products.

Size 14 to 15 boots are really tough to come by and now this is just a pure inconvenience to have to go to something else. Thanks and I hope for some reasonable action on behalf of your company.

I am calling the (866) 699-7369 or (800) 789-8586 number tomorrow.

I placed fiber tape on the heal to try to keep it together today so as not to lose my heals and that failed miserably but at least you can see that these boots were not worn more than twice nor were they abused at all.

This person wrote the review because of damaged or defective of wolverine boots from Wolverine and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $150 and wants Wolverine to offer any options to resolve the issue.

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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No way would I purchase anything from that company again. If they don't back up a bad product, after they foist it on the public, then they deserve to be out of business NOW!


That would be the LAST TIME I made a purchase with that company in this life!

Saint Kilda, Victoria County, Trinidad And Tobago #1209761

I've had the same thing happen with supposed good quality boots straight out of the box, as if they had rubber cancer or something. All I can add is that the boots in question have always been in storage for a year or two, so maybe if yours are an unusual size that doesn't sell quickly, they may have spent a long time on a shelf somewhere.

Still, that really shouldn't be a factor if these guys weren't using the cheapest chinese junk components possible.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1045790

OMG, so poor quality!


Just call Wolverine, and politely explain your situation. My guess is they either resole, or replace the boots.

Wolverine is a reputable company. Sarcasm to a low level employee is unfair, and puts them on the defensive, rather than engaging them in collaborative problem solving.

I've had this happen with 2 pairs of very pricey shoes. Ecco replaced boots that I had trekked all over Costa Rica. They were @ least 5 years old!

Nonethess, hiking boots that cost close to $300.00 shouldn't fall apart. They agreed. Voila! A voucher for a new pair upon return (in a prepaid mailer they sent me) of the defective pair.

Just yesterday, I spoke with Finn Comfort about a pair of walking oxfords purchased in 2002 or 2003.

Though quite old, they had only been worn a handful of times. The sole fell off in chunks year befor last. I procrastinated about attempting remediation. In December, I was shopping at the shoe store where I had purchased them, and described what had happened.

The store owner urged me to call Finn Comfort. Yesterday, I finally did so. The upshot? They're re sending a prepaid mailer.

They will resole the shoes, and ship them back to me.

Customer Service at both companies was excellent. In both cases the representative stated that a faulty batch of rubber was the culprit.

Also, they both said that if the shoes were worn infrequently, this was more likely to occur. True in both of my cases.

Moral of the Story: Honey rather than vinegar yields positive results and lower blood pressure.

to LeslieAdele Kokomo, Indiana, United States #1080519

Such a shame you keep having shoes for years, by your own admission wear them all over and once shoes break down like they all do want them to replace old used shoes..smh people like you are sick

to Anonymous Austin, Texas, United States #1085811

That would be a valid argument if all my shoes had the same problem. But I looked at every pair of my old shoes and boots.

Not one of them had any failure other than slowly wearing down. Not one of them had chunks of heel or sole falling off. Seeing that difference told me that there must have been a problem with the chemistry of the Wolverine heels.

That is a manufacturing defect if there ever was one. It is not unreasonable to ask the manufacturer to make the customer whole again.

Mike London, Austin TX Dec 2015

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