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The sole on my wolverine boots that are 90 days old are peeling apart

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I got this email from Wolverine Boots explaining to me what I supposedly did wrong plus having to clean up my elderly aunts wood floors for streaking black rubber over the whole house until somebody said your boots are falling apart Wolverines response to boots worn 3 times It looks as if the issue may have resulted from Hydrolysis. When footwear is not being worn, it does continue to age and rubber molded compounds along with adhesives will dry... Read more

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What is going on here. I just put my Woverine Durashocks on that I bought in 2004 that I wear only in winter, and rarely then. The soles were sticking to the floor and started noticing pieces of the sole cracking off. This is the second instance of this happening. I just disregarded the first instance until this second occurance. They're hardly worn at all and they're ruined. Not a good investment in boots. They should last a lot longer than 12... Read more

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The sole started seperating after ONE month. This is unacceptable. I spent alot of money on these and they are junk.

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I paid a 115.00 for a pair of wolverine boots about 3 and a half months ago.First they said water proof and they weren't. Basically the worst work boot i ever purchase. And they didnt last4 months on a job site

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I just received a replacement pair Of boots from wolverine to replace the defective ones I sent back. I've been a loyal customer for at least 15 least! I compared them to a couple of old pairs I still have and these are garbage! The bottom part of the shoe in glued on now rather then sewn on. I never knew they started making them in china and their not even close to the USA pair. It's bad enough that they make you pay for the shipping... Read more

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3 month old wolverine slipons worn by a structural welder...I'm hard on boots, I work alot, welding, climbing, anything. Everything that constitutes the boots looking rough but nothing that constitutes the thread ripping out and soles falling OFF after 3 MONTHS! Paid full price, maybe my 3rd pair over 12yrs. Going back to Diehards or anything else but Wolverines. Read more

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Wolverine 08141 Sole fail
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Well, one afternoon of walking about and chunks fell out of both soles. I kept them up, they're not beat and weren't saturated. This sucks and I loved the feel, but now don't trust them. I'm looking long and hard for good reviews and DURABLE boots before I sink money into this brand. Also, why in the name of all that's holy do I have to type 100 words about a complaint? That 100 words and 100 more and I've written a credit paper for an advanced... Read more

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Wolverine Boots Review from Evansville, Indiana
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I bought my 1st pair of wolverines around 6-7 months ago. I strip and wax floors in the summer so I wore my old pair of Dickies; since the *** will dry rot the boots along with the glaze of floor wax on them. So in actual wear time my boots are closer to four months old. The outer sides of both boots have tears in the exact same spots. The boots have this clear shiny plastic strips. With black strips as well and these areas are coming apart. I... Read more

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Wolverine - Soles are falling apart.
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I have a pair of work boots my parents bought me for christmas. Making them less than a year old and the soles are falling apart. I usually buy timberland pro's that last me over two years a set. The bottoms just look like they are crumbling into pieces with in a few weeks or so i will have to go get new boots and i don't feel that your product stands up to what it should as a work boot. I dont have the receipt anymore if your company wont make... Read more

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