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Wolverine - Soles are falling apart.
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I have a pair of work boots my parents bought me for christmas. Making them less than a year old and the soles are falling apart. I usually buy timberland pro's that last me over two years a set. The bottoms just look like they are crumbling into pieces with in a few weeks or so i will have to go get new boots and i don't feel that your product stands up to what it should as a work boot. I dont have the receipt anymore if your company wont make... Read more

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Well, for a Disabled person that doesn't get out much. The last 3 pair of light work boots that I have paid full price for. Has progressivley lasted Shorter & shorter. From not even a yr. to the last pair lasted jus over 4months. Mind you Im Disabled so the boots aren't going through a lot of abuse. The soles fall off or the stitching comes lose. Making the sides next to the toe. A big air, water hole. Let me tell you the defenition of water... Read more

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soles fell apart and disintegrated into chunks down to the glued on particles of the sole. POS boots were comfortable and a requirement for work. These boots with tax were nearly $200.00 and the do not have any stabilizer in the soles to keep them from turning into worthless nice looking tops, with no soles, both fell apart. It will cost $ 100.00 to re-sole the sorry things but I will buy 5.11's or red wings instead.they suck they suck they... Read more

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$140.00 seven months later soles are just about shot. My last pair of boots were $200.00 Timberlands an wore out after two years. Couldnt find a new pair like them, the best boots ever. Never buy wolverines again.

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Hello Possible consumers. My title says it all, how many of you have bought Wolverine hiking boot? When I read waterproof. Im thinking ok the boots will be waterproof to the top & they will stay together when they get wet. That to me is waterproof. Apparently my deff. & Wolv. deff. are not the same. 10 months on my pair & on top of that Im Disabled. Come now how riggerious can I be? Ha,Ha the jokes on me .Thanks for the *** Guys! I Have... Read more

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Still haven't heard anything from your company

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I bought my husband a pair of Wolverine #04661 last fall. He has a lot of boots which he rotates out, and he wore these boots for the third time yesterday. He called and told me the soles were completely coming off and I thought he was just exaggerating, but when he came home, the only thing holding the shoes together was the heel! I agree with everyone else when they say they are too expensive for what you get, but my husband liked them the... Read more

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I bought a pair about six months ago.The back of the boot inside came loose to where i cant get my foot out once i put the boot on.i have been a long time customer of wolverine until now.i paid 145.00 for the boots and im out of that money.l Read more

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Wolverine - Boot tore up
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my husband purchase a pair of wolverine work boot back in September and now the back of his boot is coming apart in my opinion they charge to much for there product for it to b falling apart in 8 months and he don't wear them everyday and even if he did these suppose to b good boot I'm hoping that the company will at least own up to the complaint people are making because my husband really like the fit of this boot and I have to hear him... Read more

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My job requires that I wear steel toe boots. I have bought a total of 6 pairs from them in the past. 1st pair 6" Marquette, 2nd and 3rd Steel Toe English Moc Toe, 4th and 5th pair Multishock Raider Contour steel and my last pair that I will be purchasing, the Wolverine Chukka. I've been a fan for years and tried to be loyal to these boots. I like the look and design, but the foot insoles that they come with are so cheap. I've had to replace... Read more

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